Mādahòkì Farm has built a strong reputation for creating authentic experiences that showcase culture, history, food, music, art, fashion, dance and even entrepreneurship that is reflective and respectful of Canada’s diverse Indigenous heritage.

For over 25 years, our roots-proud and roots-driven organization (Indigenous Experiences) has been presenting Indigenous Peoples culture, history, food, and arts to mainstream audiences in the form of invited performers to numerous festivals, special events, national and international conferences, as well as in-school presenters for elementary students.

Our ongoing partnerships within the Canadian Indigenous community and our vast network of entertainment and cultural resources have contributed to our position to provide you with the best in Indigenous Performances and entertainment.st

We handle many hundreds of event bookings and site rentals every year. Please take the time to review all of your options, including menus, programming, and pricing, before reaching out to request any additional information or submitting a booking request. All of this information has been made available to you to review with your group or colleagues.

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Once you are ready to request a formal booking, please also remember that we need adequate time to prepare and secure performers or other resources for your booking. We do NOT accept last minute requests.

Experiences at the Farm

School Age Programming

Introduce your class to Indigenous Culture at Mādahòkì Farm. After a traditional arrival and welcome, spend some time with our ambassadors, learn about our indigenous culture, and visit with our rare & endangered Spirit Horses and other barnyard friends.

Schedule in some extra time to enjoy a self guided walk on our Legacy Trail (30 -60 minutes), learn about some of our traditional plants and their uses, the seven grandfather teachings and Algonquin names for local animals and birds through the trail signage. Also enjoy the messages of reconciliation
left by our guests – on the orange rocks that line the pathway!

Adult Group Programming

We are excited to welcome your groups to our new home here at Mādahòkì Farm andinvite you and your group to Share our Land! We are now ready to open our doors for any of your group tours. Select from a wide range of programs and activities including nature walks, creative workshops, traditional performances and more.

Site Rentals & Special Events

We are now ready to open our doors for any of your events, tours, meetings or celebrations! Mādahòkì Farm can cater to groups of a wide range of sizes and features a large indoor space and numerous unique outdoor spaces. We are also fully equipped with free on-site parking, upgraded and heated porta-potties, on-site catering capabilities, and many more amenities. We are also connected with preferred suppliers for tents, decor, logistics and more!

On-Site Catering

Mādahòkì Farm provides impressive and fresh Indigenous inspired catering options for all groups. We provide impressive catering services and tour group menus featuring traditional Indigenous foods served in a contemporary style that can range from a casual summer barbeque to a formal native fusion dinner and everything in between.

Our professional team of Indigenous chefs, cooks and servers are proud to serve fresh, high-quality food that is Indigenous and locally sourced where possible; with a friendly service that is reflective of our culture and hospitality. We are proud to announce that Chef Trudy Metcalfe-Coe, a talented Inuk Chef is our new Head Chef working in collaboration with our Resident Chef Paul Owl.

Mishdatim (Horse) Equine Assisted Learning

We are thrilled to offer a new opportunity to learn and grow with the sacred Ojibwe Spirit horses as your teachers at Madahoki Farm.  Equine Assisted Learning, or EAL is simply a fun way to development beneficial life skills like self-confidence, personal boundaries, relationships, healing, reflection and team building with horses as your teachers.  Our innovative program Mishdatim (meaning horse in Ojibwe) is a unique program that builds on standard EAL approach but incorporates our Indigenous teachings and offers an opportunity to work in partnership with the sacred and endangered Ojibwe Spirit Horses – the only Indigenous horse to our traditional homelands. 

Offsite Experiences

Performances & Catering

Indigenous entertainment has wide appeal for both Canadian and international audiences, which can add a unique dimension to your next event. Indigenous Experiences brings together Indigenous talent from across Canada to perform for school, corporate, and public audiences of over 50,000 annually.

Workshops & Animations

Indigenous Experiences has a whole range of workshops and animations to not only entertain, but to also engage and educate your audience. From a traditional opening and welcome, to musical workshops such as “Feel the Heartbeat”,  to craft making experiences like dreamcatchers, and up close experiences with our rare Ojibwe Spirit Horses, IE will add something unforgettable to your event.